We are one of the largest manufacturers of "Perforated Metals & Screens" in India having our manufacturing facilities in the state of Gujarat. Our plant is situated in Baroda which is the industrial back bone of Gujarat. Our installed equipments of NC Controlled perforating machine & other conventional perforating machines. Apart from this, we are equipped to design & manufacture perforating tools for various applications.

Sheet and plate size specifications

Mill tolerances are standard for width and length, pulls and stretch caused by perforating unless stated otherwise.  

Spacing of perforations

  • All perforations will be designated by either center spacing or open area.

Margins (perforated material)

  • Stock size sheets and plates - long sides will have minimum margins, short sides will have either minimum or no margins. Resheared after perforating - special margins can be provided to specification with the exception that a tolerance must be allowed for the limits of the tool.  

End patterns

    Should you require a finished round hole and pattern in either a straight or staggered pattern, please specify and anticipate high costs.  

Stock Items

  • Stock items are available in cold rolled steel having round, oblong, square and rectangular shapes. Types of holes ranging from 1.00 mm to 25.00 mm, thickness of the sheet from 10gauge onwards,width max. 48" and length as desired.