1. Material type: Remember the least expensive material may not be cost; a higher strength alloy reducing thickness. Keep hardness below 80Rb.
2. Material thickness Thinner materials perforate easier and faster.
3. Hole shape and pattern Round holes are the most economical, 60 staggered round hole pattern strongest and most versatile.
4. Hole size Do not go below 1-to-1 ratio with sheet thickness. Stay 2-to-1 larger if possible.
5. Bar size Do not go thinner than 1-to-1 ratio with sheet thickness
6. Centre distance It controls feed rate and thereby the production rate. If possible a pattern with longer center to centre distance.
7. Open areas Extreme open areas proportions tend to increase distortion; if possible choose under 70%.
8. Margins Keep side margins to a minimum to reduce distortion. Use standard unfinished end margins if you can.
9. Stick to standards Specify standard hole patterns, materials dimensions and tolerances whenever possible before specifying a "Special " consult us so that existing toolings can be used.
10. Perforating burrs Accept normal commercial burrs unless otherwise specified.